Whats New at Job Source USA Inc.?

Here at Job Source USA, we have added a QR Code to our literature, promo items, business cards and advertising signs in hopes to simplify, quicken and gather information from potential applicants to contact and display the areas of industry in which we specialize. This will allow our candidates to view our jobs on our website and also complete a “shorter” version of a formal application, thus creating a quick way to submit their information to us.  Look at it as a “general inquiry time saver”!

We have recently incorporated team bonding activities within our company to foster and maintain good office energy, positivity and morale amongst coworkers and upper management. This is a great way to become more acquainted and stay connected with all staff outside of the office/work. I highly recommend all companies do so!

We also have added a “Vision Wall” in the lobby of our office! This vision is a pledge to our candidates and companies that we will try to provide the best customer and client care possible based upon these principles.