Confidence Boosters for Job Interviews

Try to Connect with your interviewer, not impress them

Maximize your confidence by focusing your energy on building a rapport with your interviewer and less on impressing him or her.

Use breathing techniques to boost confidence

The root of confidence is feeling relaxed. Focusing on your breathing can bring a sense of mindfulness and calmness. Its important to remain present with your breathing before the interview to help calm nerves.

Be kind to yourself before the interview

It’s vital to speak to yourself with compassion to omit any negative or critical thoughts that may stand in your way. Don’t be afraid to sell yourself. People worry about being too arrogant, but the interviewer does not read your mind, so it is on you to let them know what you have to offer.

Imagery for Succeeding

Visualizing yourself being successful for an upcoming job interview will give a boost to your confidence and self-esteem. Imagine a successful interview, answering the questions with confidence and believe that you are the right person for the position could be the defining factor for a strong interview!

Prep yourself with practice

Going into an interview with practice to questions can make a big difference in your confidence. To help make sure you’re well-equipped, rehearse potential interview answers with a friend. Check your skills, knowledge, experience and personal qualities and think of how these were developed.