Three keys to Refining the Future of Work in a Post-Pandemic World

To move from concept to action and focus on the path toward thriving, not merely surviving, it is essential that we:

1.Rebuild work: This is the time to define new future work aspirations and outcomes and to focus on the “art of the possible” for what we can achieve to enable a better work force. Changing the mindset about the workforce could help increase retention and help expand and shift the survive or thrive mentality.

2.Release the workforce: We must challenge how we think about the workforce and use individual and collective skills and qualifications to help identify and release human potential—within and beyond ourselves and companies.

3.Modify the workplace: We cannot underestimate the organizational and cultural shifts that are demanded in the increased work environment and the expectations around how to collaborate, engage, and relate to each other. Adapting to the workplace could lead to overall positive workforce relations.

Does “waiting for a better time” help the workforce? The time to start humanizing the future of work is now!